By: Kathreliz

You step out of the cold shower, shaking your head and spraying icy droplets of milk around the bathroom. “HOW REFRESHING!” You bellow. You’re so quirky! Before you get dressed, you admire your naked body in the mirror- your breasts hang, large as watermelons and your dick (which is a snake) hisses in approval. Before you have the chance to clothe yourself, the door explodes inward to reveal Misato Katsuragi! She stands at 8 feet tall and is a F cup. Her pedophilic gaze travels over your body and you blush gently. “I just got out of jail!” Announces Misato. “Congratulations, onii-chan!” You clap your hands. “But could you please give me a moment to get dressed?” “Haha sure!” Misato giggles. “I’m such a silly little baka.” But then her eyes turn melancholy. “When you’re done though, please come downstairs. I have some bad news.”

You have a difficult time getting down the stairs due to your FAT ASS and your many hamsters who are running up and down the stairs dying of neglect. You decided to wear a black mini skirt and your my chemical romance T-Shirt with black fishnets and your black eyeliner and black lipstick. Everyone thinks you’re pretty but you’re so insecure. When you’re walking to the kitchen, you run into Shinji-kun, your dad. “Oh, h-hey champ!” Shinji blushes and nervously downs another beer quickly. You vacate the premises hurriedly and find Misato laying on the couch, having sex with her boyfriend Hisoka (another pedophile). “O-one sec,” grunted Misato. You politely avert your gaze as she cums all over the new couch. “Ok, sorry,” Misato stretches and removes her dick from Hisoka. Hisoka stands up to leave, but not before patting you on the head fondly. You mewl and lean into his touch as your fursona is activated.

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